Dry Cleaning
Couture & Fine Garment Cleaning
Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Dixie Cleaners offers the highest quality dry cleaning and professional shirt laundry service. Since 1945, Dixie Cleaners has become well known for its standards for cleaning and pressing.All items received are inspected for stains, damage, and items left in pockets. Each item receives its own unique marking tag.  Garments are pretreated for stains before cleaning and thoroughly inspected for stains after cleaning.  Missing or damaged buttons are replaced free.  All items receive expert attention in pressing by one of our professional staff members.

Dixie Cleaners offers custom fabric care to items that require special attention to detail for: embroidery, lace, embellishments, tailoring, and fine or delicate fabrics.  Dixie Cleaners staff, with years of experience, will give your couture and designer items superior handling in processing. We realize that your couture items represent an investment that needs to be preserved.

A wedding gown is one of a brides most precious possessions.  It is a symbol of an important event in her life.  Dixie Cleaners special cleaning process safely captures and preserves the wedding day loveliness of your gown.Proper storage of the wedding gown is important to slow down the aging process of the gown.  Dixie Cleaners uses a museum-quality storage process so that your gown can be preserved for future generations.

If it’s broke, we fix it. Cracked or loose buttons, loose shoulder pads, loose cuffs…..all repaired. And it’s complimentary! We routinely inspect and repair areas such as these and you may never know it. It’s just part of being Simply the Best!Aside from minor repairs, our professional seamstresses can take care of about any alterations you require. From altering waist size, to cuffing pants to you name it, we do it all.When you look your best, so do we.