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Our History – Dixie Cleaners has been serving the Lowcountry since 1945!

Dixie Cleaners first opened for business in 1945 by Robert “Wyman” Hutto.  Wyman returned from World War 2, a Purple Heart recipient, with a dream to own a business in his hometown of Holly Hill, SC. The business grew and in 1970 he opened a retail store and plant at its present location on the corner of Gardner Boulevard and Peak St. In 1985, desiring retirement, Wyman sold the business to his stepson, Robert E. Mims, III, and his wife, Mary Fell Mims.

Thru the early years of their ownership several additional stores were opened in Santee and St. George, S C.  In 2005, the decision was made to make home and business pick up and delivery a major part of Dixie Cleaners business plan and at the same time perform all of the cleaning and quality control in one central location, instead of having multiple stores. This has made our operation much more efficient and continues to allow us to charge the same prices for pick up and delivery as we do in our store.  Today, our pick up and delivery service covers 26 zip codes from Holly Hill to the Greater Charleston Area.


Owner Mary Mims using our state of the art inventory tracking system.

Owner Mary Mims using our state of the art inventory tracking system.

Our Award of Excellence Customer Service Pledge

The Seal of Approval Customer Service Pledge address the most important aspects of doing business with your drycleaner. A Seal of Approval drycleaner is required to have these prominently displayed in order to be in the program – but what do they really mean to you?

Prompt attention to your inquiries or concerns

Have you ever asked at the counter or called your drycleaner to request information, to express a concern about a particular issue or to inquire about a lost or damaged garment, and no one could answer your question, or no one returned your call? At an Seal of Approval drycleaner, you’ll have our attention and we’ll address your issue promptly.

Technical competence and professional quality

Have you ever picked up your clothes, only to find stains remaining, buttons missing, seams open and questionable pressing? At an Seal of Approval drycleaner, our system has passed a cleaning performance test, we do timely minor repairs and our finishing professional. We also must pass a rigorous stain removal test, and if it’s possible to remove a stain without damage, we’re the ones that will get it out.

Return of your garments when promised

Have you ever attempted to pick up your clothes and your order was not ready? At an Seal of Approval drycleaner, we’ll make every effort to return your garments to like-new condition, and return them on time. If we believe we can improve the product with additional time, we’ll give you that option and let you make the decision.

Adherence to non-gender-based pricing

At a Seal of Approval drycleaner, gender has nothing to do with the price structure. If the construction is the same and there are no differences in ornamentation on similar men’s sport coats are priced the same as lady’s blazers, men’s silk shirts are priced the same as lady’s silk blouses, and men’s pants are priced the same as lady’s slacks. For further details, see the section on “Fair Pricing”.

A commitment to environmental responsibility

We comply with or exceed state and local air and water quality standards, comply with or exceed national environmental regulatory standards, and handle our waste in full compliance with Federal and State requirements.

Free cleaning of the U.S. flag

We love our country, we salute our veterans and our young people in the military, and we’ll do our share to keep “Old Glory” flying proudly at every location by drycleaning or laundering your flag at no charge.

A money-back service guarantee

Plain and simple, this is the ultimate bottom line: if there is any aspect of our service with which you are not satisfied, we’ll either fix it or give your money back for the work that was done- that’s our commitment to you.

Our Affiliations

Southeastern Fabricare Asoociation

Member of the Southeastern Fabricare Association (SEFA)

Member of the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI)

Tri-ZCounty Regional Chamber of Commerce

Member of the Tri County Regional Chamber of Commerce

DLI Cleaners Care Hanger Recycling

Member of Hanger Recycling Program